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This post will give you an insight into the minimum and average salaries in Portugal featuring the cities with the best salaries in Portugal and professions with the best salaries.

Guide to Average Salaries in Portugal

Salaries in Portugal are generally lower than most other countries in the European Union (EU). In recent years, the Portuguese economy has been continually growing as unemployment is decreasing slowly and the wages have gone up a bit.

The minimum wage in Portugal

The minimum wage in Portugal was €557 per month but was recently increased to €580 per month (based on 14 payments per year). The only places in Portugal with higher salaries are the islands of the Azores and Madeira with a minimum wage of €609 and €591.60 respectively. The Portuguese Parliament has pledged to increase the minimum wage further in 2019.

Salaries in Portugal compared to the UK or US

The salaries in Portugal are low when compared to the salaries in countries like the UK or US, for example. In both countries, the salaries are mostly calculated per hour, whereas in Portugal the salaries are paid per month.

When the minimum wage in Portugal is converted to the currencies in the UK and US as of today, you get £599.11 and $811.50 respectively. This could be quite misleading as the cost of living is lower than that of the UK or US.

According to data from Numbeo, the cost of living in Portugal is 28.67% lower than in the United States and rent in Portugal is 46.76% lower than in the United States (based on average data for all cities).

Average annual salaries of some professions in Portugal

Career Avg. gross salary In US$
Architect €16,235 US$20,847
Engineer €19,586 US$25,069
Software Developer €25,147 US$30,985
Lead Developer €35,404 US$42,383
Business Development Manager €39,987 US$51,525
Engineering Manager €41,888 US$51,448
IT Project Manager €44,073 US$54,676
IT Manager €54,722 US$68,577
Director €85,904 US$109,333

Source: Average Salary Survey.

architect Portugal

Average annual salaries in Portugal per major city

City Avg. gross salary In US$
Braga €30,994 US$37,330
Porto €31,410 US$39,577
Coimbra €32,881 US$39,524
Amadora €34,500 US$44,117
Lisbon €35,774 US$45,066

Source: Average Salary Survey.

A decent salary in Portugal

In Portugal, the cost of living is quite moderate. Lisbon and Porto are the cities with the highest grossing salaries as the cost of living in these cities is very high. To live a decent life in other parts of Portugal besides Lisbon and Porto, an average salary of €700 to €800 per month is ok.

But for Lisbon and Porto, an average of €850 to €1100 per month is needed as the cost of accommodation is very expensive. Numbeo shows a breakdown of the cost of living in Portugal.

living room Portugal

Overall, salaries in Portugal are considered enough to live a decent life with very little for savings. Most companies in the service industries pay above the minimum wage while workers in sectors like agriculture and manufacturing, earn the minimum wage.

However, over the past few years, the government has continually increased the minimum wage because of the increase in the cost of living.

Did you find out enough about salaries in Portugal? Do you have any experiences to share? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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