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Money Transfer

TransferWise in Portugal, What it is and How it Works

TransferWise is an online, international platform used for sending and receiving money across borders without the hefty bank fees. Here we discuss what you can do with TransferWise and how it works in Portugal.


Salaries in Portugal, What to Expect for Your Hard Work

Ola Amigos! (Hello Friends!) Are you interested in working in Portugal? This post will give you an insight into the minimum and average salaries in Portugal. The cities with the best salaries in Portugal and professions with the best salaries.

Portugal Money, What You Should Know About Cash in Portugal

Today we are going to clarify what the currency of Portugal is and what you need to know before visiting or moving to this sunny, European country. You will discover some interesting facts about the history of money in Portugal and how it all changed when they first introduced the euro (€).

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