Life in PortugalChoosing the Best International Schools in Portugal

Choosing the right school for your child should be about planning for the future and making the best choice for your family. To keep stress to a minimum during this important time, we’ve put together a list of international schools in Portugal.

Find out about some of the most popular international schools in Portugal, where they are, and what they’re like.

Why choose an international school in Portugal?

In Portugal, families have access to a high-quality education system. Within this system are three main options: public schools, private schools on the Portuguese curriculum, and internationals schools that teach English, French, or other curriculums, often along with Portuguese.

There are pros and cons to each of these, but expats moving to Portugal often have different needs than families who have been in Portugal for awhile.

That’s where international schools come in. For people who plan to raise kids in a global setting, international schools may be the right option.

international schools portugal

International schools in Portugal

International schools in Portugal follow international educational standards, with curriculums used by the US, the UK, France, or Germany. Some schools follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) standards, as well. No matter which curriculum they follow, all international schools in Portugal offer credentials that will help your child get into any number of great universities around the world.

Because of the unique challenges of moving to a new country, expat families living in Portugal may want to enroll their children in a school that teaches in their native language, and offers Portuguese (or other) language classes in addition.

Some families choose an international school because they want their kids to be part of a multicultural experience. Other international schools are a good choice for students who excel – or wish to – in subjects like music, science, or the arts.

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The best international schools in Lisbon

British School of Lisbon

The British School of Lisbon is a fairly new school in Cais do Sodré. This English-language prep school teaches children ages three to eight, offering nursery school to Year Four. Because the school is still new, it’s adding another grade each year. So, as fourth-year students move up, a Year Five curriculum is added. The British School is chartered by The Schools Trust, a UK-registered international school trust, responsible for the development of international schools worldwide.

Curriculum: British
Language taught in: English
Tuition: Annual tuition starts at Є10,200 per year
Address: Rua de S. Paulo 89, Lisbon

private school portugal

Oeiras International School

Oeiras International School keeps a special focus on science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. It follows IB standards and is open to students from ages 3 to 18. The school is located in a historic palace, near wooded grounds – and they have goats, a pony, and a donkey. They hold their key values as integrity, respect, commitment, growth, and personal challenge.

Curriculum: International
Language taught in: English
Tuition: Є12,420 per year
Address: Quinta da Nossa Senhora da Conceição, Rua Antero de Quental 7, Oeiras

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private schools portugal

Astoria International School

Astoria International School is a private school offering bilingual or even trilingual education. They offer nursery, daycare, kindergarten, and junior education, open to kids as young as four months old. Astoria includes weekend activities in its offerings, and its school motto is Innovate, Create and Grow.

Curriculum: British and Portuguese
Language taught in: English and Portuguese
Tuition: Prices not available
Address: Avenida Almirante Gago Coutinho 73, Lisbon

Red Bridge School Lisbon Portugal

Redbridge School

Redbridge School is an elementary school of 228 students in the Campo de Ourique neighborhood. The school focuses on creativity and an international mindset, in a multilingual environment. Redbridge classrooms include a mix of ages among students, English, French and Portuguese language, a creative approach to learning, digital literacy, and connection to the community.

Curriculum: British, French, and Portuguese
Language taught in: English
Tuition: Є5,300 per year
Address: Rua Francisco Metrass 95, Lisbon

Lycee Francais International School Porto

Lycée Français Charles Lepierre

Lycée Français Charles Lepierre is a French international school in Lisbon. The Lycée accepts students from age three to 18, and offers children the opportunity to learn English and Portuguese.

The school was founded in 1907 as the “Société de l’École Française de Lisbonne.” In 1917, the Société de l’École Française de Lisbonne purchased the original school, and moved it to the Braancamp Palace near Largo do Rato. And in 1952, the school changed locations once more, to its current spot – but with the same high educational standards it has held since its inception.

Curriculum: French
Language taught in: French
Tuition: Annual tuition starts at Є4,085 per year
Address: Avenida Duarte Pacheco 32, Lisbon

german school portugal

Deutsche Schule Lissabon

Founded in 1848, the Deutsche Schule Lissabon (DSL) is the second-oldest German school in another country. With a teaching staff of about 145, this German international school caters to students in kindergarten, primary, and secondary grades. The DSL considers bilingualism and multicultural exchange to be essential conditions and fundamental goals of their work. In addition to the main campus in Lisbon, there is also a campus in Estoril.

Curriculum: German
Language taught in: German
Tuition: Є6,380 per year
Address: Rua Professor Francisco Lucas Pires 11, Lisbon

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Best international schools near Cascais and Sintra

expat schools portugal

International Preparatory School (IPS)

International Preparatory School, just north of Cascais, is a primary school for children aged three to 11 years, teaching kids for over 25 years. Its students and teachers are multinational, and the school focuses on global understanding.

Curriculum: British
Language taught in: English
Tuition: Є2,100 to Є4,000 per term
Address: Rua Lagoa 171, Alcabideche

St Julians School Portugal

St. Julian’s School

Founded in 1932, St. Julian’s School is the oldest and largest British international school in Portugal. The school teaches students from 45 different nationalities. It has a strong record of academic achievement. This nondenominational, co-ed school teaches kids from ages 3 to 15. It aims to promote excellence, academic achievement, intellectual curiosity.

Curriculum: British and Portuguese
Language taught in: English and Portuguese
Tuition: Annual fees start at Є9,648 per year
Address: Quinta Nova, Av. Jorge v 374, Carcavelos

Cascais downtown

International Christian School of Cascais

The International Christian School of Cascais offers a North American-style education. It’s a non-profit that serves the Christian missionary community and other expats in Portugal.

Curriculum: American
Language taught in: English
Tuition: Prices not available
Address: Avenida de Sintra 1154, Cascais

English school books

St. Dominic’s International School

St. Dominic’s International School is a highly respected and well-known international school. It is the only school authorized to offer all three IB programs. The school places a strong emphasis on the arts, and participates in sports and community service.

Curriculum: IB
Language taught in: English
Tuition: Є14,110 per year
Address: Rua Maria Brown 311A, São Domingos de Rana

houses Sintra Portugal

Carlucci American International School Of Lisbon

While it’s called the Carlucci American International School Of Lisbon, this school is actually in nearby Sintra. The school works in cooperation with other American international schools and with the US Department of State. It adopts and adapts Common Core curriculum for English and math and Next Generation Science Standards for science.

Curriculum: American and IB
Language taught in: English and Portuguese
Tuition: Є8,500 to Є18,076  per year
Address: Rua António dos Reis 95, Sintra

Best international schools in Porto

Porto Portugal

International College of Porto (CLIP)

Founded in 1990, the International College of Oporto (CLIP) offers its 1,000-plus students a curriculum that connects physical, personal, and social development with academic discipline.

Curriculum: British
Language taught in: English and Portuguese
Tuition: not available
Address: Rua de Vila Nova 1071, Porto

international school porto

Colégio Luso-Francês

Colégio Luso-Francês is a French Catholic school that has been teaching kids for more than 80 years. Housed in what used to be a mansion, the school has high academic standards. It also offers activities that include a chess team, swim team, and robotics.

Curriculum: French
Language taught in: French
Tuition: not available
Address: Rua do Amial 442, Porto

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international schools porto

Lycée Français International

Lycée Français International is located in the leafy green Parque Serralves. Open since 1963, the school has 1,253 students from preschool to 12th grade. It’s part of the worldwide network of AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad), in line with the education standards of France’s Minister of Education.

Curriculum: French
Language taught in: French
Tuition: starting at Є4,400 per year
Address: Rua Gil Eanes 21, Porto

Best international schools in the Algarve

international school lagoa

Nobel International School Algarve

Nobel International School Algarve is the oldest private school in southern Portugal. It offers a range of programs for students ages 3 to 18. The school includes students from more than 30 different nationalities. This unique setting promotes common experience, friendship, and trust.

Curriculum: British and Portuguese
Language taught in: English and Portuguese
Tuition: Є4,000 to Є15,000 per year
Address: Barros Brancos, EN125, Lagoa

Vale Verde International School

Vale Verde International School offers secondary education to an international student body, based on sound values and high expectations. The school was established in 2002 and has achieved a 100% pass rate for all students in all subjects in exams each year.

Curriculum: International
Language taught in: English and Portuguese
Tuition: Є5,600 to Є10,400 per year
Address: Estrada de Burgau, Luz

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Best international school in Madeira

International School of Madeira Portugal

International School of Madeira

The International School of Madeira is a primary school that prepares students to go on to higher education. It’s open to kids from the age of 4. It offers immersive English-language classes. Class sizes are small, with no more than 10 students per class, to make sure teachers can show attention to each student.

Curriculum: International
Language taught in: English
Tuition: Є2,500 to Є3,300 per year
Address: Calçada do Pico 5, Funchal

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What international schools are in Portugal?

International schools are all over Portugal, with both Portuguese and students and those from other countries. Depending on the school, courses are offered in English, French, Portuguese, or German. Most offer international courses of study like the International Baccalaureate (IB).

What international schools are in Lisbon?

International schools in Lisbon include the British School of Lisbon, Oeiras International School, Astoria International School, Redbridge School, Lycée Français Charles Lepierre, and Deutsche Schule Lissabon. The Lycée teaches classes in French, and DSL in German. The rest are in English.

What universities are in Portugal?

There are nearly 100 colleges, universities, military academies, and polytechnic institutes in Portugal. There are public and private higher education institutions throughout the country, offering a wide range of educational options for students seeking a university or college experience.

What international schools are in Cascais?

International schools in Cascais include International Preparatory School, St. Dominic's International School, and the International Christian School of Cascais. They are all well-respected among expat families. All three schools are accredited, and they all teach classes in English.

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